Dixe Springs Owners for Change

Banding together to uplift the neighborhood by removing the ACC and its negative influence

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Details about the ACC leading to the overwhelming desire to remove it from Dixie Springs.


ACC Formation

Details related to how the ACC came to be, the claims of authority, and the impact it has on the Dixie Springs neighborhood and our property investments. 


Botched Election

Cronyism Defined

The elections in 2020 were manipulated to ensure that the outcome was a board that supported active enforcement against owners.


What is the ACC?

Is the ACC an HOA?

Does your property fall under the authrority of a homeowners/community association? 


A5 Signatures
Homes Built
Lots Remaining
Owner Occupied

Active Lawsuits

Dixie Springs Architectural Control Committee, Inc. is actively suing multiple Dixie Springs owners for challenging their authority.

Monitoring the Neighborhood

DSACC, Inc. members actively patrol the neighborhood looking for CC&R violations. They claim the right to enter your property to investigate.

Overcharging for Approvals

State law only allows community associations to charge the original cost for services. Volunteers can only charge $10/hr.


Over the last 7 years the DSACC, Inc. has approved so many diverse home styles that there is no longer a harmonious standard, maintenance of which was the ACC's original purpose.

Financial Issues

DSACC, Inc. has never conducted an audit, giving the reason that an audit would only harm people that are no longer associated with the ACC. This comment is repeated frequently by the same person who used to be treasurer.

Targeted Enforecement

DSACC, Inc. directs most of their attention toward owners who are public about their opposition to the corporation's activities, or those that they know will not put up a fight.

rule by fear

Fear is the primary tool used to maintain power. "PURPLE HOUSES!" is the familiar cry. They claim that without them, property values will drop. When asked what they do to protect value they have no response.

Manipulated Elections

The 2018 election was decided with less than 25 votes. The 2020 election was plagued with midconduct, including destroying the ballots to avoid the possibility of a recount.

"Association for dixie Springs"

Their own words! When it is to their benefit, DSACC, Inc. claims to be a community associaiton. They did this when formed, when filing taxes for tax-exempt reasons, insurance coverage and even in court.